Paxful Co-Founder Ray Youssef Warns of Ponzi Altcoins at Africa Bitcoin Conference

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The co-founder of peer-to-peer trading platform Paxful, Ray Youssef, took the stage to point out none of the scandals relate directly to Bitcoin, and, unlike FTX and Celsius, to name a few, Paxful is not engaged in “hanky panky or dodginess.”

He also pointed out that Paxful takes Bitcoin education seriously, adding that he “is sick and tired” of dealing with the aftermath of rugs and scams. Youssef sees education on the matter as an offensive strategy to counter the Ponzis.

“We’ve invested in education heavily, it’s very important, why? Because we don’t want people’s first exposure to Bitcoin being “oh man, did you hear about this latest crypto? let’s get in.” These are all Ponzis.”

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