OpenAI Launches Next Gen AI Model GPT-4; Calls It The Most Advanced System Till Date

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OpenAI has announced the release of its latest model, GPT-4, which is an updated version of its existing GPT-3.5 on which the famous AI chatbot ChatGPT was built. The new model is able to produce text outputs by reading images and pictures in addition to inputs from textual content as well. The business asserts that the model performs at a human-level across a variety of professional and academic criteria.

The corporation asserts that the model can handle challenging issues with better accuracy and is more innovative and creative than it has ever been. It can now understand text as well as image input, but the only way it can communicate back is through text. OpenAI also warns that the systems continue to have many of the same issues as earlier language models, such as the propensity to make up information (also known as “hallucinate”) and the ability to generate content that can be damaging and violent.

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