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Norway Officials Will Establish A Tax Office In Decentraland And Step Into Metaverse

1 min read

At Nokia's conference on Wednesday, Brönnöysund, Norway's central register, and Skatteetaten, the nation's tax authority, announced a partnership with Ernst and Young (EY) to establish a metaverse tax office in Decentraland, with the goal of providing services to younger, tech-native individuals while establishing their Web3 footprint.

Additionally, Brønnøysund is exploring additional Web3 services, such as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), wallets, and smart contracts.

Norway has gradually integrated crypto services at the national level, beyond the metaverse. In June, the government announced it would release a capitalization tables platform for unlisted companies using the Ethereum scaling service Arbitrum. Norway, Israel, and Sweden joined up with the Bank for International Settlements in September to look into the possibility of implementing a CBDC (central bank digital currency) for cross-border payments.

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