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NFT Data Services Company Vinci Protocol Completed 2.1M Seed Round Fundraising

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To Vinci Protocol communities,

With much excitement, we want to tell you Vinci Protocol has completed a 2.1M seed round fundraising led by UOB Venture Management, SigNum Capital, and TGE Capital.

This fundraising is to accelerate our mission of building a power suite of NFT data services and developer tools to empower native Web3 builders and applications.

We created Vinci Protocol with a clear WHY — to build an NFT infrastructure where users, developers, and companies can interact with the NFT space in their unique ways. With Vinci Protocol, we envision that Web3 builders and companies can leverage our tools and services, which encompass NFT finance, NFT Oracle, NFT Governance, and NFT Commerce, to bring mass adoption to NFT and Web3. However, to achieve this, we must rely on many trades that only exist at the intersection of art, blockchain, data, and financial engineering. This is why we turn to the market for help, as it is the ultimate judge and pusher.

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