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Midas Investments Drops Fantom, Migrates To Ethereum To Expand Services

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As per a recent official announcement, Midas Investments, a leading crypto custodial investment platform, migrated its token from the Fantom blockchain to Ethereum in November. The decision is strategic, as this swap to Ethereum blockchain will increase the usage and user base of MIDAS tokens and introduce new utility features, which will affect its value.

Ethereum ecosystem is the leading in the crypto landscape: with over  $50 billion TVL, more than 3,000 dapps, and 500+ DeFi protocols. Moreover, Ethereum is the dominant public blockchain in the crypto landscape: 1 million transactions are processed daily by about 400,000 active addresses. Its market capitalization of $185 billion is significantly below last year’s highs but still decent and a testament to Ethereum’s reliability. The network’s popularity and pioneer status with smart contract developers and DeFi investors places make it a valuable ecosystem for all crypto projects. 

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