Mahjong Meta Launches Free Minting of Pass NFT for Blockchain-Based Riichi Mahjong Esports Project

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Mahjong Meta, a blockchain-based Riichi Mahjong esports project created by former Tencent and Netease employees, is set to launch the free minting of its first Pass NFT on the Ethereum network on May 27. The Pass NFT will provide users with continuous rights and interests throughout all stages of Mahjong Meta's development, including various types of NFT and the first airdrop of future governance tokens. The platform aims to create a blockchain-based Riichi Mahjong esports community and mahjong theme park co-built with players, backed by blockchain-based asset confirmation and ownership economy. Rolling Dice Labs, the web3 gaming startup behind Mahjong Meta, is anticipating funding of over $10 million and is offering a free mint of its 0xMahjong NFT. For more information, visit Mahjong Meta's website or follow them on Twitter.


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