3xpl: A Super-Fast, Ad-Free, Universal Blockchain Explorer for Top 12 Blockchains and More

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3xpl (short for 3xplor3r) is a universal explorer for most popular public blockchains that offers an easy-to-understand block explorer interface for ordinary crypto users, as well as professional features. It provides its users with interfaces to look up their transactions and wallet addresses, and offers PDF transaction receipts and wallet statements. For power users, developers, analysts, and academia, 3xpl has even more features, including JSON and WebSocket API to build apps, ClickHouse API to run analytical SQL queries, and downloadable database dumps to work with blockchain data locally.

3xpl is a blazingly fast ad-free explorer that takes privacy seriously and doesn’t have any 3rd party code on its pages. It is open-source and verifiable, allowing researchers and students to study and analyze blockchain data without any financial barriers.


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