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I'll Bow to "Lord Elon Musk" and Pay $8 per Month, Says Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin

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Vitalik has yielded to the demand of Musk regarding the monthly $8 fee for verified handles on Twitter. However, he said he would start “bowing and paying” only when this feature gets integrated on Android and other non-iOS platforms. Musk is not making exceptions for anyone, forcing them to pay $8, even for himself, as he admitted in a recent tweet, in which he said that he also pays this monthly fee of $8.

Vitalik has also tweeted that he is seeking an alternative to Twitter, perhaps in case he does not like the changes integrated by Musk, and is trying out Mastodon, which has been recently discussed on Twitter a lot, Farcaster, Reddit, Telegram, etc.

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