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GoPlus Security Reveals a Phishing Scam, There Have Been 4565 Transactions

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GoPlus Security reveals a phishing scam on Twitter, saying "there have been 4565 transactions, millions of dollars related to the scam, and people keep falling for it."

According to GoPlus Security, the scammer made a fake Twitter handle of "Flow", copied a full set of information about @flow_blockchain, and bought 157.6k fake followers. The only difference with @flow_blockchain is that the handle was changed by one letter.  Then posted a tweet and pinned it, using a high airdrop to entice users to click on the phishing link in the text.

The recipient address is 0xd13b093EAfA3878De27183388Fea7D0D2B0AbF9E, and we query that this address is also already in our malicious address base.

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