Game7 Launches $100M Grant Program To Accelerate Web3 Game Development

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Deployed over the next five years at $20 million per year, the $100 million grant will be distributed to projects across technology, events, diversity, education, and research. Game7 believes that Web3 gaming and metaverse infrastructures should be public, open-source, and interoperable and its milestone-based grants are a foundational funding mechanism for the ecosystem.

Game7’s technology grants will go towards supporting open-source projects that drive innovation across the entire blockchain gaming tech stack. Its events grants enable community members worldwide to host online and in-person events such as conferences and workshops focused on propelling Web3 gaming into the future.

The education grant supports ongoing programs and one-off initiatives that advance the knowledge of blockchain engineering and gaming development topics for builders while the research grants are for initiatives that cover the entire gaming ecosystem ranging from game economy governance to player incentives and developer revenue streams.

BitDAO and Forte have committed $500 million to Game7’s treasury. Together with BitDAO and Forte, Game7 will make decisions on how the funds will be distributed and help define gaming standards.

The cross-chain grants program supports games on the Polygon, Solana, Immutable and Arbitrum ecosystems, with more blockchains to be added in the coming months. Interested Web3 game developers can apply for the grant program today at the Game7 Grants Portal.

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