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eXFi Decentralized Trading Platform Overview 2022: The Next Big Thing

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Central bankers historically debase the monetary supply, while financial institutions use customer funds to gamble, leaving their customer’s to foot the bill when the company goes belly up. History has repeated once again in the cryptocurrency industry, where the decisions of so-called “trusted” intermediaries end up harming users and the community as a whole.

The only solution is to maintain complete control over private keys and, therefore, self-custody your crypto assets. This leaves one challenge, however: how does one continue to trade without a trusted third party to trade with? The answer is in decentralized cryptocurrency technology all along.

The next wave of top cryptocurrency trading platforms will be decentralized, just as the original vision for crypto was meant to be. A new decentralized platform called eXFi is paving the way for this new trend to take off – here is why eXFi is the next big thing in the crypto industry.

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