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Ethereum (ETH) Fees Might Drop by 100x as EIP 4844 Upgrade "Considered for Inclusion"

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EIP 4844 or Proto-danksharding is the most anticipated upgrade to Ethereum (ETH) blockchain since the Merge acivation on mainnet. Yesterday, Ethereum Core Developers took an important step toward its activation.

According to the statement shared by Tim Beiko of Ethereum Foundation, yesterday, Nov. 24, 2022, the All Core Devs (ACD) call decided to change the status of EIP 4844 and four other proposals of its generation to "Considered for Inclusion," or CFI.

This step highlights developers' commitment to accelerate the implemenation of this proposal. EIP 4844 or Proto-danksharding is part of Ethereum's rollup-centric scaling roadmap. It reconsiders the data logistics on Ethereum's second-layer scaling solutions with roll-ups to make its usage 10-100x cheaper. Also, as it streamlines data processes, the implementation of Proto-danksharding is set to advance the throughput of Ethereum (ETH) mainnet.

(By Vladislav Sopov)

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