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Ethereum Core Developers Signal Support for ‘Proto-Danksharding’

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Ethereum core developers are moving toward putting EIP-4844 — a highly-anticipated scaling proposal — live in a future mainnet upgrade, according to an Ethereum core developer meeting

Developers have included EIP-4844, also called "proto-danksharding," into a list called “considered for inclusion (CFI),” meaning they have committed to working on the proposed feature. If everything goes as planned, this feature will be deployed on the mainnet sometime next year. The proposal might be rolled out with or after the Shanghai upgrade, which aims to open up staking withdrawals for validators.

EIP-4844 aims to improve the scalability of Ethereum beyond what's available with Layer 2 solutions. It will introduce a new kind of transaction format to Ethereum called "shard blob transactions,” allowing for off-chain data to be stored and accessed by Ethereum nodes temporarily to address scaling needs of blockchain apps. 

(by Vishal Chawla)

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