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Decentraland DAO Considers Temporarily Pausing Grants Program

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The Decentraland DAO – the metaverse platform’s community decision-making tool – is holding a vote on whether to temporarily pause its grants program and reassess its structure.

The proposal, brought to a vote on Wednesday, cites concerns over the diversity of its treasury holdings as well as a lack of clear guidelines for grants. Through the program, any community member can request funding for efforts to improve the platform or implement new features. The poll closes Monday, and so far, 62% of voters are in favor of the pause.

Thus far, the grants program has invested $7.5 million in metaverse initiatives and has funded 124 grants, according to the DAO’s treasury website. The pause would allow the DAO to diversify its treasury, reevaluate the current grants model and work on building a roadmap.

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