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Correction: $17M FalconX Transfer Was Mislabeled as Alameda by Nansen and Etherscan

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A $17 million USDC transfer Friday afternoon from wallets labeled by blockchain researcher Nansen as belonging to Alameda Research triggered alarms in light of recent "unauthorized" transfers of FTX and Alameda funds.  

The source said that the first wallet, labeled as Alameda Counterparty: 0xe31 by blockchain analytics firm Nansen, is a FalconX client that’s not related to Alameda Research or FTX. That wallet sent $17 million USD Coin (USDC) to one of FalconX’s wallets (0x600), which was misattributed to Alameda Research on Etherscan and Nansen. That wallet then sent the funds to another FalconX wallet.  

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