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Chinese Platforms to Test Metaverse Tech During Qatar World Cup 2022 Broadcasts

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Several Chinese platforms are introducing metaverse tech in their coverage of Qatar’s 2022 soccer World Cup. The experiences, which will use virtual reality (VR) headsets and 5G as base tech, will allow the users to enjoy a metaverse-like view of the event, and will also give Chinese companies a chance to hone their implementations of this tech.

Migu, a subsidiary of China Mobile, the state-owned carrier, announced that it would develop a “world first” virtual environment for its users to enjoy the cup matches using VR headsets for an immersive and “surreal” experience. This was announced by Migu’s CCO Gan Yuqing, who also organized a “World Cup Music Festival” advertised to be held in the metaverse with a surprise visitor from the year 2070.

In the same way, Bytedance, the owner of the popular social media platform Tiktok, has announced that it will allow users of its VR goggles to enjoy soccer matches in digital spaces, letting them to invite other users for a shared metaverse viewing experience.

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