Cabin Plans First "Network City" for Digital Nomads with Crypto Governance and NFT Membership

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Cabin, a woodsy coliving project that utilizes blockchain-based membership, is aiming to create the first "network city" made up of self-governing neighborhoods accessible to citizens who hold NFTs. The project's creator, Jon Hillis, believes that this blend of blockchain-based membership and tight-knit communities can provide a solution to the "loneliness" problem that is often found in car-centric suburban areas.

Cabin is considered a social DAO, where members hold crypto assets and weigh in on neighborhood composition and treasury management through votes denominated in their Cabin governance token.

The project has already distributed 300 citizenships to long-term members of the Cabin community, with the goal of creating a financially sustainable way for the community to continue to grow while providing a value and vibe alignment check for people who want to co-live in Cabin neighborhoods.


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