Yehoshua Zlotogorski
Lifelong learner. Tokenomics design & analysis. love: web3, building, investing.

Stories By Yehoshua Zlotogorski

Designing Tokenomics Checklist

Making sure your token has enough liquidity and in the right places is as important to tokenomics as every other part — it’s your tokenomics’ “go to market”.

5 Principles for Best Tokenomic Designs

What do the best tokenomics models and designs look like? Let’s look at five principles to consider that best tokenomic models use.

Are Tokens Good for Bootstrapping Growth?

Using tokens to incentivize growth replaces utility as a motivator with finance. Financial versus utility based motivations, in most applications, are very, very different.

How Can You Get Started in Designing Tokenomics?

Who makes a good tokenomics expert? Are you the right fit? Do you have the skills?

The SEC Beat LBRY, Let’s Take a Look Into the Actual Case

Web3 lost a court case. But before you give into the FUD and fear, let’s take a look into the actual case, what was charged, how LBRY acted and most importantly — what we can learn going forward.

Liquidity Matters: How to Setup a Liquidity Pool for Your Token

Liquidity is what lets people become part of your project and importantly — utilize your token for whatever it enables.

Use Five Power Framework to Build Your Own Moat in Web 3

Each power has a unique way to shine in web3 projects that don’t exist in traditional businesses.