Vitalik Buterin
Co-creator of Ethereum

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Vitalik 最新观点:如何为多签钱包和社交恢复钱包选择守护者?


Vitalik Buterin:An Incomplete Guide to Stealth Addresses

One of the largest remaining challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem is privacy. By default, anything that goes onto a public blockchain is public.

Vitalik Buterin:什么是制度?



Dennis Pourteaux最近提出的另一种政治指南针提出,我们当今时代最重要的政治分歧不是自由与威权主义或左派与右派,而是我们如何看待「制度」。

What in the Ethereum Application Ecosystem Excites Me

Ten, five, or even two years ago, my opinions on what Ethereum and blockchains can do for the world were very abstract.

Vitalik:The Notion of “Governance Rights” as a Narrative for Why a Token Should Be Valuable Is Pathological

You're literally saying "I'm buying $X because later on someone might buy it from me and a bunch of other people to twist the protocol toward their special interests"