Scott Debevic
My goal is growing wealth and earning passive income. Mainly focused on Bitcoin and crypto.

Stories By Scott Debevic

Why Arbitrum Projects Are About to Catch Fire

Early Arbitrum adopters are getting rewarded with a token airdrop in the next week. Here's how to check if you qualify and why you need to be paying attention to Arbitrum projects right now!

The Misguided US Government War on Crypto and Why Crypto Will Win

President Biden is stepping up the attack on Bitcoin and crypto. Combined with banking failures and inflation increases, the crypto asset class has lost 14% in value over the past week.

3 Can’t-Miss Innovative Platforms on Arbitrum

With its low fees, high speeds, and dynamic ecosystem, Arbitrum has become the nesting ground for attracting investment capital without bribing users.

The Painful Truths Drip, Furio, and Other Degen dApps Are Teaching Me

As the bear market persists, I’m feeling pain firsthand as my daily payouts whither toward zero. Trigger alert: this may leave you feeling depressed.

Bitcoin Ban or Bitcoin to $1 Million? Charlie Munger vs. Cathy Wood

Charlie Munger thinks all crypto, including Bitcoin, should be banned. On the other hand, Cathy Wood thinks Bitcoin will be $1 million per coin by 2030. Who should you believe?

3 Overrated Crypto Concepts That Cost Me Thousands of Dollars

It's impossible not to make mistakes investing in the crypto space. But it's possible to learn from the mistakes and avoid repeating them.

Should the Colorful Celsius CEO Be Cellmates With FTX’s CEO?

Why is one CEO being demonized while the other is free to spend the millions he “earned?” Here are my thoughts regarding the two cases.

What Can We Learn From 60% Bitcoin Premiums in Nigeria?

Nigerians are paying 60% above the spot price for Bitcoin. This is what happens when people lose faith in monetary policy.

Do the Crypto Critics Even Have a Leg to Stand on Anymore?

With the steep drop in crypto asset values, the scandal and fraud in the space, and regulator confusion, it’s easy to say, “Time to move on from crypto. AI is the next big thing.” But read here to see why crypto isn’t just a fad.

How 100 Million More People Will Use Crypto With These Improvements

Approximately 6 million total people have interacted with decentralized applications. Unfortunately, this number is deficient and should explode when these changes occur.