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Ren & Heinrich
Garbage man turned millionaire. Sharing my crypto research & insights🔬🔑📈 Featured on Coinmonks, The Capital, Insider Finance.

Stories By Ren & Heinrich

Crypto Regulations Will Be Sped Up: Are You Prepared?

I see is that more people will move from centralized to decentralized crypto providers in order to circumvent crypto regulation by the authorities.

3 Things MetaMask Users Can Do to Avoid Getting Tracked

MetaMask will collect users’ IP and Ethereum wallet addresses in on-chain transactions.

A Reader’s Tokens Worth $88 Million Got Hacked, This Is Her Story

Here is a report of what happened and what you have to watch out for so that the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

I Analyzed the ROIs of 1.600 Crypto ICOs – Here Is What I Learned

ICOs are a great way to make money — provided you sell at the right time. However, their average current ROI is only 30%.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Price Analysis of the Best 40 Football Fan Tokens

The average price of football fan tokens is only 23% below the initial price despite the bear market. In comparison, most other coins and tokens lost 80% or more of their value on average during a bear market.

I Analyzed 200 DeFi Projects, Here Is What I Found Out

Analysis shows that the services most frequently offered by DeFi platforms (decentralized exchanges, liquid staking, yield farming, and lending) are also associated with the highest total value locked on average.

Tether, USD Coin, Binance USD, Dai, or Terrausd: Which Stablecoin Is the Best?

Which stablecoins are decentralized? Which stablecoin is the safest? Which stablecoin is the best?

I Analyzed 1000 Crypto ICOs, Here Is What I Learned

Investments in ICOs in the financing phase are worthwhile in most cases with a big price jump for public listing.

Stocks Bounce. Is The Crypto Crash Over?

The long-term macro picture is still very bad. As a matter of fact, I think 2023 will be even worse than 2022.

FTX Disaster: Expectations, Lessons & Opportunities

Crises also bring opportunities. As we can expect more price turbulences in the coming weeks, now is a good time to plan your next steps.