Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels.

Stories By Nansen

“All for One and One for All” – An On-Chain Distribution Model for the Arbitrum Community

Nansen helped develop Arbitrum airdrop distribution backed by on-chain data analyses using Nansen Query.

Narratives Follow Prices

As narratives follow prices, investors must stay alert to market developments. For a crypto investor, it is important to stick to risk management and price the YTD rally as a likely bear market rally.

zkSync: The Answer to Ethereum Scaling?

zkSync is a general-purpose smart contract Validity Rollup platform. It is focused on aligning with the Ethereum community and is widely expected to be the first EVM-compatible Validity Rollup on mainnet.

Everything You Need to Know About NFTs [2023]

In this article, we’re digging beyond the NFT hype and covering everything you need to know about NFTs.

Top NFT Projects (2022)

Nansen shares the top NFT projects of 2022, including BAYC, Azuki, Decentraland, Moonbirds, and more!

How To Flip NFTs - The Expert Guide [2023]

Nansen gives a beginner's guide to NFT flipping

NFT Statistics 2022: Sales, Trends, Market Cap and More

Nansen takes a look at how NFTs have performed and highlights interesting statistics about NFTs

DeFi Statistics in 2022

Nansen takes a look at how DeFi has performed and highlights interesting statistics about DeFi.

Nansen Blockchain Analysis: FTX Catastrophe Likely Triggered by Terra Collapse

With the collapse of Terra/UST in May, a liquidity crunch ensued as many creditors started to call back loans following the 3AC and Celsius crashes. Alameda would have needed liquidity from a source that would still be willing to give out a loan against their existing collateral