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Crypto believer and co-founder of Algorithmic Crypto Trading Platform — AESIR.

Stories By CyberPunkMetalHead

When Was the Last Time You ‘Misaccounted’ $8 Billion Dollars Like Sam Bankman-Fried?

I believe SBF is fully aware of how he comes across in the media when he makes these comments. He is building an image for himself — even if that’s the image of a clueless idiot.

FTX Conspired With the SEC for Special Treatment

Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls.

The FTX Bankruptcy Report Is Wild Beyond Your Imagination

Imagine not being able to know who works for you, what their salary is, or any basic, crucial information that even your local street food vendor has.

The 11 Pillars of Cryptocurrency Markets

Most important concepts that you should be aware of in Cryptocurrency Markets.

Latest Developments Following the FTX Collapse

Deep dive into the latest developments of the FTX collapse, by analysing all the verifiable information, and related events that have come out since the initial collapse.