Kyrian Alex
Crypto Research Analyst

Stories By Kyrian Alex

Understanding the Relationship Between Generative AI and Web3

Generative AI and Web3 have the potential to address the new forms of scarcity that have emerged in the digital age.

Understanding Aptos Blockchain & Ecosystem

Aptos is a scalable Proof-of-Stake Layer 1 blockchain that uses Move, a novel smart contract programming language.

Analyzing Formations of Different Crypto Narratives From a Historical Perspective

We will look at some of the historical narratives that have developed around cryptocurrencies, as well as the technical details of how these narratives have been shaped by the unique features of blockchain technology.

Understanding the rivalry between Modular vs Monolithic Blockchains

Both monolithic and modular approaches, as demonstrated in this article, are effective in their own right. As a result, developers must decide which approach is best for their specific use case. For example, a DeFi app may prioritize security and thus choose a monolithic design to provide a stronger security posture.