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Peeling Off The L1 & L2 Layers: Blockchain Trends 2023

As blockchain technology continues to witness rising real-world adoption, the focus on scalability, fast transaction speeds and low transaction fees will drive developments across both L1 and L2 scaling solutions.

Oracles: A Blockchain Tool Of Connect

Oracle comprises an entire system that collects off-chain data, verifies it and transmits it to smart contracts on the blockchain.


The “Verge” puts forward the idea of “Verkle tree” that is set to replace the erstwhile Merkle proofs/Merkle tree. Before going to the Verkle tree concept it is essential to understand the need for such a mechanism in the blockchain framework.

Scaling The Ethereum Using Rollups-Layer 2

Rollups offer a solution to perform transactions secured by blockchain at a lower cost.

Centralized & Decentralized Exchange: Glaring At Problems & Possibilities

Defi ventures are expected towards becoming more in line with conventional financial models as new users get interested in decentralized technology and its financial goods.

Insight To Ethereum Post-Merge Upgrades

The first programmable blockchain, Ethereum, is evolving into a secure, environment-friendly and sustainable ecosystem through a series of upgrades.

Breaking Down Ethereum & Scalability: Layer 2 (L2) Sidechains

The basic idea of L2 is to build a secondary framework which can handle transactions off-chain.

Blockchain 2022 Review & What’s Next in 2023

In this article series, we have selected the top 10 Blockchain events and developments of 2022, followed by our outlook for the key trends in 2023.

The Merge: What’s Next for Ethereum (ETH) in 2023?

The Merge will cast aside the role of crypto miners and gigantic mining farms, who had previously driven the blockchain to now assign the ‘validators’ who randomly approve transactions and earn a small reward.

Explore Web 3.0 Through The Lens Of Blockchain

The third-generation Web is too young to comment upon and anticipate its future.