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Ignacio de Gregorio
Crypto, tech & investing news curated so that you are prepared for the future digitally-led economy.

Stories By Ignacio de Gregorio

The Solution to the Millenium Price Problem of Crypto Is Here, and It’s Not What You Expect

A new blockchain, a blockchain like nothing we’ve ever seen before, is coming into existence to solve this problem.

Zero-Knowledge AI Will Take Over Your World, and You’re Gonna Be OK With It

Sadly unbeknownst to many, AI controls social media, and social media controls and drives our lives, to a point that it knows us better than we know ourselves.

FTX Collapse Was the End for BlockFi, Is Genesis Next?

According to BlockFi executives, the company had up to 100,000 creditors and a range between $1 and $10 billion in assets and liabilities.

With One Simple Update, Now MetaMask Will Know Where You Live

Perpetrators low-key “announced” the decision by updating their privacy policy agreement, knowing that 99% of their users won’t ever read the document.

Can Crypto Save the Future of 1.7 Billion Completely “Unbanked” People?

These are 1.7 billion adults around the globe that are completely ‘unbanked’, 980 million are women.

Binance Launches Industry Recovery Fund, but It Goes Against Crypto's Principles

This fund is a euphemism for simply creating a privately-owned, centralized global bank that will provide liquidity to those in need. But no private company ever will give you money altruistically, it always has a price.

The One Thing That Would Have Prevented Crypto's Last Drama

We need cryptographically-verifiable, on-chain proof that the custodial solution has full reserves of our funds.