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Huobi Research
Blockchain industry top think tank, affiliated to Huobi Group.

Stories By Huobi Research

Huobi Research: A Study on the Investment Clock of Merrill Lynch

The investment clock is a macroeconomic analysis and broad asset allocation model proposed by Merrill Lynch in 2004. It adopts OECD output gap and CPI inflation data as the two main indicators to measure economic growth and price level.

Soulbound Token (SBT): The Key to Unlock the Future of DeSoc

SBT, proposed in Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soulby Vitalik inspired by the game World of Warcraft, is a publicly visible, non-transferable, but revocable type of token.

Tightening Global Regulations: Capability of Markets in Crypto Assets Led by the EU

MiCA and TFR are merely the beginning of the crypto market to be regulated in the EU; more changes and uncertainties may still be on the table in the future.

Plummet of BAYC: An Aftershock of FTX or an Omen of NFT Market Meltdown

This report depicts causes and effects of the plunge of BAYC in depth, follows up on consequences on well-known projects on the NFT markets and thoroughly analyzes the plummet of blue-chip NFTs.

Where Is the Opportunity of Fan Token as the FIFA World Cup Is Approaching

This report summarizes the development history and market status of fan token and introduces strategies on how to pick a fan token with potential during the World Cup.

NFT Royalty Reforms: Where is the Industry Heading?

Zero-royalty projects will form the long tail of the NFT market.

Exchanges and Investors: How to Cope With the Lehman Moment?

The FTX incident is commensurate to the “Lehman Moment” of the traditional financial world.

The FTX Incident: Follow-up on the Market and Forecasting

The impact of the FTX incident may exceed the Luna and 3AC collapse and affect the institutions implicated by 3AC but not filed for bankruptcy.