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Stories By Huobi Research

Market-makers: The Recluses through Cycles

Although the market-making business in crypto is not inherently distinct from that in traditional finance, there is a world of difference in terms of operations, technology, risk management and regulation.

Understand the Layer2 Project Arbitrum in One Report

The Arbitrum solution was proposed and created by Offchain Labs. It was originally a purely research-based academic project, and then gradually turned into practice after continuous optimization and improvement.

Post-Shanghai ETH Upgrade: Things We Must Know

This report will mainly discuss the withdrawal design and related risks of Ethereum and LSD protocols after the Shanghai Upgrade, as well as the impact on the price of ETH and other tokens related to the LSD protocol.



Huobi Bi-Weekly Bitcoin Market Report Part 1/2(Mar.2023)

Bitcoin’s price collapsed in the first half of March after intense distribution throughout Feb, triggered by bad news catalysts.

Huobi NFT Monthly Report

The NFT market is still gloomy this month under the influence of the bear market.



The Thriving Arbitrum: A Destined Success

This report will focus on development of Arbitrum based on technical upgrades and future possibilities. Meanwhile, from the perspective of the Arbitrum ecosystem, reasons for the success and future development of the burgeoning projects in DeFi and gaming are analyzed and concluded.

Huobi Bi-Weekly Bitcoin Market Report Part 1/2(Feb.2023)

Bitcoin's price entered a consolidation phase in late Jan and early Feb. Further evidence is needed to judge whether it's are-accumulation phase or a distribution phase.