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Stories By Grayscale

Market Byte: Caught in the Balance – U.S. Banks, Stablecoins, & Crypto Markets

The impact of the closure of these banks highlights a key difficulty of operating a business within or adjacent to the crypto ecosystem: the difficulty of finding reliable banking partners.

Market Byte: Governance Implications of Uniswap’s BNB Expansion

Governance is a crucial aspect of many blockchain-based applications, including Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols.

Legal Spotlight: The Curious Case of the MNGO Commodity-Security

In this piece, we examine recent complaints by DoJ, CFTC, and SEC that appear to demonstrate the complexities brought by a digital asset that is simultaneously classified as both a commodity and a security.

Legal Spotlight: Digital Asset Commodities and Securities

Current regulatory interpretations of law can cause digital assets to simultaneously fall under multiple legal classifications by different federal agencies. This can potentially make it difficult to develop compliance and operational requirements for individual crypto assets – and may complicate which federal regulators have oversight of the asset.

一文厘清加密生态系统的核心——Dapps 的当前与未来

Dapps 代表了日常 Decentralized 替代品梦想的领域应用程序与现实相交。来自交易平台和借贷等金融工具应用程序,到具有互连游戏经济的元宇宙游戏,建立协议在智能合约平台之上代表Decentralized 革命的前沿。

Market Byte: Ethereum’s Shanghai Update & Liquid Staking Derivatives

The upcoming Shanghai hard fork (EIP-4895) on the Ethereum network, set for March 2023, aims to unlock a significant amount of staked Ethereum (“ETH”), which currently makes up more than 13% of the total supply of Ethereum.

SEC Filed First Legal Brief on GBTC Lawsuit, Grayscale Reiterates Key Arguments

SEC has now approved several Bitcoin futures-based ETFs, yet it has continued to disapprove spot-based Bitcoin ETF applicants.

Grayscale Report: In Depth Analysis on Cardano Network and the ADA Ecosystem

Cardano takes a unique approach to several of its technology implementations but aspects of the network’s full design vision are also not yet live.