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Dirk Songuer
Living in Berlin / Germany, working at Microsoft, loving technology, society, good food, well designed games and this world in general. Views are mine, k?

Stories By Dirk Songuer

The Web3 Business Use Case Reference List

What we need is to look at use cases and scenarios end-to-end for their long-term business viability: Do they actually represent a business? Are Web3 technologies better than current solutions? And are they desirable in the first place or just neat ideas?

Why I Don't Believe in the Blockchain Technology Narrative

Don’t believe me? Well, then show me a case study where blockchains worked at scale. Just one.

Do Web3 and the Metaverse Really Need Blockchains?

“Interoperability! Play to earn! Ownership! Buy an NFT because Meta said the Metaverse is real and so NFTs also must be real!” None of that stuff works either.