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Microsoft: Sự trở về của nhà vua

Microsoft đã thất bại trong việc tận dụng hai kỷ nguyên công nghệ lớn, kỷ nguyên internet và kỷ nguyên internet di động.

Microsoft: The Return of the King

Microsoft's ChatGPT is driving the company's revenue and profits, marking a significant comeback for the tech giant. This strategic move gives Microsoft an edge over Google.

Crypto’s Path Out of the Financial Market Uncertainty

The Fed's next move will be closely watched by investors in both the traditional financial markets and the crypto market. A pause or cut in interest rates could provide a boost to crypto.

Tất cả ở đây — Ghi chú nhanh về các tính năng mới của GPT-4

Sự khác biệt chính giữa GPT-4 và GPT-3.5 Một phần thú vị: "GPT khuấy động tiền điện tử"

Oasis Origin integrates GPT-4 and launches 'AI Avatar' for Metaverse Coexistence

Oasis Origin integrates GPT-4 and is introducing an innovative feature called the "AI Alter-Self" (AIAS). The AIAS will automatically record and train based on user behavior and conversations and create self-replicated AI NPCs.

All In Here — Quick Notes of GPT-4’s New Features

Key Differences Between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 An interesting part: "GPT Rocks Crypto Up"

What’s the Impact of SVB Crisis on Crypto?

The full impact of SVB crisis is yet to be felt. The cryptocurrency industry is still vulnerable and lacks an established immune system. Only verified algorithmic stablecoins can offer the resilience needed to weather future storms.