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The Whimper Bitcoin Reversal: A Study of Volatility, Price, and Backwardation

In my last article, I also outlined that while backwardation is bullish it is a lousy timing mechanism. This study on volatility confirms this premise.

How to Hedge in Backwardation — Backwardation Is a Bullish Indicator

Just because a market goes into backwardation does not mean it will stay there beyond an instant, a few hours, several weeks, or in the latest case six months.

Bitcoin’s Decentralized Reserves: How THE HODL Will Lead to Sound Commercial Banking

In the wake of the Crypto World exchange/banking debacle, it is time to revisit two old sages and personal mentors, Edward C. Harwood and Richard Timberlake.

Bitcoin’s Decentralized Reserves: How HODL Will Lead to Sound Commercial Banking

A sound bank making sound loans is able to purchase the standard used (whether gold or bitcoin) for redeemability which in turn benefits and rewards the decentralized HODL.