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Web3 "Enclosure Movement", No One Can Ignore

Spring silkworms do not see autumn silk, summer cicadas do not see winter snow. Whether you see it or not, Web3 is right in front of you.

What are BTC Ordinals? Are they Ape-able?

An overview of BTC Ordinals' quick facts, technical details, and prospective outlook.

All about Liquidity: How Crypto Exchanges Work with Market Makers

How crypto exchanges attract more users and excel from the competition? The competencies can be trading pairs, trading cost, security, liquidity, UI/UX, earn... Among which liquidity is one key factor that institutions would consider when choosing crypto trading venues.

What is SingularityNET? Unleashing the Power of AI - Ratings & Analysis

The AI frenzy brought by ChatGPT recently has swept many AI projects, and SingularityNET is one of them. Its transaction volume has grown nearly 700x compared to 3 months ago. What is SingularityNET? What makes it special? Let's find out together.

Comparison of Major NFT Marketplaces: Blur, LooksRare, X2Y2, Rarible, and SuperRare - Ratings & Analysis

The development of blockchain technology has led to the birth of NFT, and as the market matures, NFT marketplaces have emerged. In this article, we will rate and analyze 5 major NFT marketplaces, including Rarible, SuperRare, LooksRare, X2Y2 and Blur.

What Is Blur? NFT Marketplace for Pro Traders - Ratings & Analysis

Blur's native token $BLUR launched for trading has been the hottest topic these days, so what is Blur? Can it shake up Opensea? Let's find out together.

How to Build a Fake Decentralized Cross-Chain Protocol

Adam Back (Bitcoin core development team leader, BlockStream CEO) has a sentence that impressed me, "Great design looks very simple, but the process of designing it is extremely complicated". But not all product designs that look simple, like LayerZero, are great.

What is Rage Trade? Yet Another GMX Delta Neutral Vault

DeFi projects built on GMX composability are mushrooming, and this time we bring Rage Trade, a delta-neutral strategy based on GLP.

Is NFT Worlds Making a Comeback?

Most of you probably remember that NFT Worlds was a top 10 NFT collection, but Minecraft's banning NFTs sent it to the abyss. NFT Worlds pumped from 0.5 $ETH to 2 $ETH last week. Is it making a comeback?

What Is StakeWise? What's New in v3? - Rating & Analysis

Liquid Staking is still one of the popular subjects in the recent period. StakeWise, as one of the projects in the Liquid Staking narrative, is working on its v3 version right now. So what is StakeWise? What's unique about its upcoming v3 version? Let's take a look together.