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Bitcoin in Africa: How Cryptocurrency Could Revolutionize Financial Inclusion

As African nations face banking challenges, Bitcoin offers a disruptive and transformative alternative to traditional financial systems, potentially unlocking economic power for those previously left out.

Binance.US Overcomes Legal Hurdle in Billion-Dollar Voyager Acquisition, Regulators Face Defeat

Cryptocurrency giant poised to acquire Voyager Assets, as judge rejects objections and creditors set to recover 73%.

EOS Rises in the Midst of Market Turmoil, Aims to Regain Web3 Leadership

With a New Foundation and $100 Million Ecosystem Fund, EOS is on a Mission to Reshape the Blockchain Landscape

NFT Ordinals Fuel Explosive Growth in Bitcoin’s Taproot Usage, Reaching a New All-Time High

The emergence of NFT Ordinals has caused blocks to increase in size and commission payments to miners to rise, as Bitcoin’s Taproot usage skyrockets by 800%.

Banks Reduce Exposure to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Globally to 40%, Says BCBS Report

A report by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision reveals that banks’ exposure to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies worldwide has dropped to 40%, citing market falls in 2022 and bankruptcies in the sector.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Identifies Bitcoin as a Savings Instrument Similar to Gold

New academic study from the US Federal Reserve System concludes that Bitcoin’s “orthogonal properties” make it an ideal defensive asset for hedging traditional financial assets, challenging the popular opinion that Bitcoin is only a speculative asset.

ARK Invest: Bitcoin (BTC) could exceed one million dollars in the coming years

ARK Invest expressed, in a recent report, the belief that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) could exceed one million dollars in the coming years and pointed out that the long-term opportunity for Bitcoin is getting better and better.

Currency Union in Latin America: Brazil and Argentina to Launch Common Currency

The Eurozone of the South: A Regional Currency to Strengthen Trade and Reduce Dependence on the US Dollar

What Is the Shibarium That Promises To Pump Up Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shibarium announced that each transaction that takes place on its network will “burn” SHIB, with the aim of gradually reducing the total amount of the token, which will likely lead to an increase in its price as its existing capitalization remains or increases.

Brazil’s CBDC To Be Built on Blockchain Inspired by Ethereum Network

Fabio Araujo, director of the Central Bank of Brazil and leader of the Digital Brazilian Real project (Brazil’s CBDC version), said that the new payment system will have its own blockchain, whose design is inspired by the Ethereum network.