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Paul Phoenix
Blogger & Affiliate Marketing Expert. Content editor in various publications and blogs.

Stories By Paul Phoenix

Rumors About a “Twitter Coin” Make the Dogecoin Community Explode

The cryptocurrency community believes that Elon Musk is planning to launch a new cryptoasset, which they call Twitter Coin and which many associate with Dogecoin.

Harvard Study: Central Banks Should Buy Bitcoin and Keep It in Their Reserves

Matthew Ferranti, a professor at Harvard University, argued that central banks should hold bitcoin (BTC) reserves in small amounts, according to research he presented a few days ago.

How Much MicroStrategy Is at Risk From the Fall of Bitcoin’s Price?

Given that now the company’s largest asset by far is the amount of Bitcoin it owns, it is estimated that if the cryptocurrency declines to around $13,000, Microstrategy’s intrinsic value will be negative.