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FSatoshi – We Have a Reason to Feel Grateful?

We often encounter words of praise and immeasurable respect towards Satoshi Nakamoto, with BTC holders expressing devotion and eternal gratitude.

With Cash Tokens, Bitcoin Cash Forms A Blockchain Economy

Bitcoin Cash Enhances On-Chain Smart Contracts

Venture Capital Funds and Smart Contract Networks — Why the Promised Land Failed to Deliver

We shouldn’t be surprised that Solana and Polygon networks face DDoS attacks that slowed down transactions and made these networks unusable on multiple occasions. This is the price of centralization.

The P2P Revolution Will Resume Despite CBDCs and ECB’s Anti-Crypto Stance

Bitcoin reached the bank’s attention with WikiLeaks in 2010, presenting a revolutionary concept light years ahead of the banks’ methods, effectively canceling trusted third parties and allowing P2P transactions.

Gemini Exchange in Peril: Are the Winklevoss Tweens Going Broke?

After the FTX collapse, everyone is wondering who is next. Will that be Barry Silbert’s DCG or Gemini, the Winklevoss Tweens crypto exchange?

Bitcoin Cash in 2023: A P2P Economy

With the May 2023 upgrade, Bitcoin Cash becomes more than a permissionless P2P Electronic Cash system, as it evolves into a P2P Economy.

The Metaverse Wars: A War for the Dominant Financial Standard Will Commence

There’s a decision we have to make today, though. The Metaverse is just beginning and will find various stages in its development before it fully incorporates all the required technologies.

Microstrategy — The Bubble That Burst

The Microstrategy bubble popped in 2022. This time, the stock price started rising after Saylor evolved into one of the top Bitcoin advocates and invested almost all the cash/profits of Microstrategy into Bitcoin.

Blockchain Games And Play-To-Earn Are Not Going To Make It

A Fake Play-To-Earn Model With A High Risk Initial Investment

The Manifestation of the Whitepaper – Satoshi Sets the Standards

With the whitepaper, Satoshi Nakamoto presented a payments network we have never seen before.