Lucas Outumuro
Head of Research @IntoTheBlock. Actively researching token economics, DeFi and technology broadly.

Stories By Lucas Outumuro

Crypto’s $1.7B Airdrop

Exploring ARB’s record airdrop, its troubles and implications.

Crypto’s Scarcity Amid the Fed’s Liquidity Injection

$2 Trillion in liquidity projected to be entering markets — How will Crypto react?

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What comes next after crypto’s recent crash.

Analyzing Coinbase’s Ethereum L2

Direct and indirect implications from Base.

Crypto Staking Targeted by the SEC

Will Liquid Staking Derivatives Benefit?

Bitcoin Halving Narrative Building Up

Are we entering another bull cycle?

2023 Crypto Outlook Pt. 2

Will stablecoins, DeFi and NFTs drive growth into crypto?

2023 Crypto Outlook

Key narratives and events for BTC, ETH and the macro environment

Why DeFi is the Answer to the FTX Saga

The potential of decentralized finance and the roadblocks it must overcome