Louis Rosenberg
Pioneer of VR & AR for 30+ years. Founder of Unanimous AI. Founder of Immersion Corp. Founder of Outland Research. PhD Stanford. Over 300 patents for VR, AR, AI

Stories By Louis Rosenberg

Mixed Reality Is Our Digital Future

The true metaverse, will be an amalgamation of the real and the virtual, so seamlessly combined that users will cease to think about which elements are physical and which are digital.

The Flawed Logic of “Mind Uploading”

What the inhabitants of this world don’t realize is that their lives in the metaverse are continuously profiled by an AI system that observes all their actions and reactions.

Protecting Privacy in the Metaverse

Extensive data collected by virtual and augmented platforms is a major concern and requires a wide range of solutions, from protective tools like MetaGuard to thoughtful and meaningful metaverse policy and regulation.

Do We Really Want Landlords in the Metaverse?

Land ownership, like many of the social norms that govern our lives, is a cultural choice not a requirement of a well-functioning society. And yet, it is quickly becoming a central element of many metaverse worlds.

Mind Control in the Metaverse

This is a form of mind control and it’s about to get much MUCH worse. I’m talking about the metaverse.