Lou Kerner
Believe Crypto is the biggest thing to happen in the history of mankind. Focused on community (founded the CryptoOracle Collective &CryptoMondays)

Stories By Lou Kerner

5 ETHDenver 2023 Predictions

As the longest-running ETH event, ETHDenver has emerged as the mecca of crypto conferences. ETHDenver is special because it’s focused on the builders. And the best and the brightest builders come from around the world to attend ETHDenver.

Five Things Messari Got Wrong In Their Prodigious 2023 Crypto Theses

Below are the five major differences I have with the 2023 theses.

10 Highlights From Messari’s Prodigious ‘Crypto Theses 2023’

Below the most intriguing points I found in each of the 10 awesome chapters of the epic report.