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Stories By Kai

Founders of Bankrupt Hedge Fund 3AC Want to Set Up Stock Exchange for Insolvency Claims

The founders of the insolvent hedge fund Three Arrows Capital have teamed up with the founders of an insolvent stock exchange to revolutionize trading in bankruptcy claims.

Account Abstraction: The Future of Accounts on Ethereum?

One of the lesser-known hopes of the Ethereum community is called Account Abstraction: it is supposed to make Ethereum’s accounts as intelligent and flexible as smart contracts — and thus make Ethereum mainstream-capable.

Record Losses From DeFi Hacks In 2022

A security firm summarizes losses from hacks and fraud in 2022: Fraud declines, but DeFi hacks reach all-time high. Experts expect this to continue in 2023.

Web3 Development: Get Started With These 10 Awesome Resources

Blockchains, decentralized protocols, smart contracts — if you want to get a foothold in Web3 as a developer, you’ll need to learn a whole host of new skills and concepts. These resources will help you get started.

The 6 Best Layer 2 Scaling Solutions On Ethereum!

Ethereum’s network can no longer handle the number of transactions itself, leaving us with high fees and long waits. Fortunately, there is multiple solutions to this problem, because in this article you have been able to read more about the following layer 2 scaling solutions: Arbitrum, Loopring, Polygon, Optimism, Immutable X and Aztec.

Developed During The Crypto Bear Market: Three Emerging Technologies For 2023

Especially in the bear market, some projects are taking advantage of the crypto lull to tackle new developments. These three crypto technologies could significantly shape the next year.

Bitcoin Core 24.0: Full-RBF, Miniscripts and Random UTXO Selection

Bitcoin Core releases version 24.0 of the Bitcoin client. This one comes up with some interesting changes, including one that is rather controversial.