Stories By Juice

On the Nature of Central Banks (As Firms) and the Emergence of Central Banking

CBDC’s are being blindly resisted by libertarians and bitcoiners alike. I think they don’t understand CBDC’s and I think they and many economists wouldn't believe me if I told them what CBDC’s are.

The Nashian Orientation of Bitcoin: A Theory of Bitcoin and Money

And yet, bitcoin already is money. It’s used every day. You can see the exchanges in real time. It’s not a myth. It’s the real deal.

Introduction to Ideal Money and the Value Thereof

The Ideal Money scenario described provides a single global pricing system which is deceptively extremely valuable.

The Theory of Bitcoin Backed Central Banks

We will explore the origins of a certain source of contention surrounding Bitcoin and how Bitcoin will unfold with respect to our global financial system.

The ICPI and Bitcoin as an Ideal Money Basis

The limiting or “asymptotic” result of such an evolutionary trend would be in effect “ideal money”

Hal Finney’s Theory of Bitcoin Backed Banks

This article sets out to explain the comparison of what Finney foresaw in reference to Selgin’s work and how he felt it would relate to the emerging digital money technology.