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Michael Saylor Registered $1.3 Billion in Bitcoin Losses, You’ll See Why It’s a Brilliant Move

Saylor was transparent that the purchases and sales of Bitcoin were to generate a net tax benefit, and losses involved were to offset previous capital gains.

Micree Zhan Is the Unknown Genius Behind the World’s Largest Bitcoin Fortune

He’s reportedly the largest known holder of Bitcoin in the world. Despite his massive wealth and influence in cryptocurrency, Zhan has managed to fly under the radar.

Stop — You Might Be Making an Enormous Error Going All In on Cryptocurrency Now

“You can’t keep the cryptocurrency beach ball underwater forever.” — Raoul Pal.

Cathie Wood: Stop Saving Your Money — Bitcoin’s Next Cycle Will Change Your Life

Wood remains optimistic about her position in ARK Invest and has recently added more investment. Blockchain is the tech she’s bullish on.

Billionaire Brian Armstrong Says You Should Trust Him, His Company Coinbase Got 2 Million Bitcoin

After the FTX collapse, there should be constant chatter concerning proof-of-reserves and financial audits of the crypto trading platforms.