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Stories By James Butterfill

Inflows of US$160m As Investors Express Concerns for TradFi

Digital asset investment products saw inflows totalling US$160m, the largest since July 2022. A marked turnaround following 6 weeks of outflows that totalled US$408m.

Digital Asset Investment Products Saw Outflows Totalling US$9.7m

Bitcoin saw minor outflows, totalling US$6.5m, for the 3rd week in a row implying sentiment at the beginning of 2023 remains negative. Over the same period short-bitcoin investment products saw minor inflows of US$1.2m.

CoinShares:Investors See the FTX Collapse as an Opportunity With Inflows Totalling US$42m

Digital asset investment products saw the largest inflows for 14 weeks totalling US$42m.

FTX—Destroying Trust in What Is Supposed To Be Trustless

This episode may result in further ramifications for the wider cryptocurrency market.