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Grasping Valuation in the Blockchain Context — Fat Protocols, Real Yield and More

Value. It’s what every company strives for and every investor seeks. For traditional businesses, we may argue around the edges, but it’s not too hard to define — create a product or service that generates sustainable cash flows in excess of costs.

Web3 Gaming — Catching Up on NFT Worlds

Read this and learn why I think NFT Worlds will continue to rise from the ashes and represent one of the more trusted and successful Web3 gaming brands moving forward.

Looking Under the Hood at Blockchain Gaming

How can gaming bring so many people into crypto? Very simply, by making it so frictionless that gamers don’t even realize they’ve been onboarded.

Looking Under the Hood at Blockchain Gaming

2023 is setting up to be the year blockchain gaming starts to go mainstream.

Utility Tokens as Securities — Analyzing the LBRY Decision

Whether utility tokens are considered “securities” under the Securities Act is a layered question that is undoubtedly project-specific.

Building a Sustainable Play-to-Earn Economy

For those who are building a true P2E economy, the million-dollar question becomes how to structure tokenomics such that a proper balance between money supply and demand of their rewards token is reached.

Blockchain Governance and Why Off-Chain Models Still Matter

Following FTX’s collapse and the destructive chain of events that occurred in the industry largely as a result of mismanagement from irresponsible decision-makers, it brings to light the risks associated with centralized governance.

A Nation-States View of the Metaverse

Classifying metaverses as Web3-enabled, open virtual worlds with Game+ elements (interoperability, creator-centric, etc.), let’s now think big. It is possible that a lot of different metaverses eventually start acting like their own nation-states.

An Introduction to Modular Blockchain Stacks

This article has two purposes. First, it will break down in simple terms the core functions of a blockchain. Second, it will expand upon the concept of modular blockchains, which are rapidly gaining in popularity and application.

The Race for zkEVMs Explained

The race is now on to see which of these first movers can successfully implement a zkEVM at scale and gain the advantage in terms of early user adoption.