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Binance Users Anticipate +5% Increase in Ethereum Value by 2026

Following a rocky year for crypto in 2022, during which many cryptos have seen their prices plummet, and exchange platforms have been exposed for their unfit practices and faced a total meltdown, the crypto world has turned to Binance.

DemaTrading.ai Survey Shows Poor Customer Service Is Costing Crypto Exchanges

Index solution provider DemaTrading.ai has conducted a wide-ranging survey of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Its results are drawn from conversations with over 30 exchanges and 50 investors and reveal some of the most common reasons why exchange customers stay inactive.

Pros and Cons of Using Crypto Casinos

As the global gambling industry continues to grow, innovative solutions are constantly being developed to keep the industry at the forefront. As a result, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, were implemented as payment methods on online casinos a few years ago.