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Chain Research — How Can Blockchain Technology Be Applied to Chain of Custody?

Learn why blockchain can be used to preserve the integrity of evidence in the criminal justice system.

Restoring Confidence and Accountability in the Financial Industry with Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been hailed as a revolutionary development in the world of finance, offering a decentralized system of record that is transparent, immutable, and tamper-proof. This system of record allows financial institutions to create a transparent and secure environment that can help to restore trust and accountability in the financial sector.

Ensuring Your Foods Integrity With Blockchain-Based Supply Chains

Food retailers are discovering that providing transparency in their supply chains can enhance sales and brand loyalty.

Chain Insights: How Zero-Knowledge Proofs Can Enhance Blockchain’s Privacy and Scalability

Zero-knowledge proofs have become an essential tool for enhancing privacy and security on the blockchain. With ZKPs, users can have more ownership and control over their transactions, ensuring that their personal information remains private and secure.

Fractional NFTs: Driving Mainstream Adoption Through Accessible Ownership

In this article, we will explore how fractional-NFTs are changing the game for art ownership and inspiring widespread adoption in the real world.

Chain Research — What are Bitcoin Ordinals?

Learn Why Crypto Twitter is Divided Over the Latest Bitcoin NFT Protocol

Chain Research — Unraveling IP NFTs

With a heavily volatile NFT market, offering these IP opportunities to holders can increase the exposure of NFT projects in the commercial space, while building a stronger foundation for the project’s community.

Chain Insights —Porsche’s Missed Opportunity With NFTs and How WEB2 Brands Can Avoid Oversight

While most brands tend to research their target audience and explore the culture, Porsche was met with harsh criticism for doing the exact opposite.

Exploring the Impact of AI on Web3: How Leveraging Machine Learning Can Enhance Web3’s UX

AI and machine learning are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of blockchain and Web3. As AI technology becomes more powerful and sophisticated, developers and businesses are leveraging these tools to provide users with enhanced experiences.