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Stories By Binance

Binance Integrates With oneZero to Expand Liquidity Offering

Binance VIP & Institutional is now integrated with the oneZero EcoSystem, following the launch of the Binance Link Program.

Binance Completes the Hooked Protocol Subscription Launchpad and Will Open Trading for HOOK

The corresponding BNB tokens will be deducted from your already-locked BNB balance within 60 minutes of this announcement.

Binance: We Do Not Use Client Funds to Deal on Our Own Account

Binance holds all of its clients’ crypto-assets in segregated accounts which are identified separately from any accounts used to hold crypto-assets belonging to Binance.

Binance Publishes Official Merkle Tree-Based Proof of Reserves for BTC Holdings

Binance has a reserve ratio of 101%. It means that the company has enough Bitcoins to cover all users' balances.

Binance Launches $1B Industry Recovery Initiative and Plans to Increase It to $2B

Binance has already received around 150 applications from companies seeking support under the IRI.

Binance Pool Launches Ravencoin (RVN) Mining Pool Following Ethereum’s Move to PoS

The service would charge a 1% mining fee, and users could only participate in the pool after verifying their accounts.

Six Commitments for Healthy Centralized Exchanges

Our role, first and foremost, must be to protect users. User funds must never be mismanaged and all measures must be maintained to keep user funds secure.

12 Projects Selected for Season 5 of Binance Labs Incubation Program

The Binance Labs Incubation Program is a chain-agnostic initiative that aims to empower innovative blockchain projects to shape the future of Web3.