Arthur Hayes
Co-Founder of 100x. Trading and crypto enthusiast. Focused on helping spread financial literacy and educate investors.

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Arthur Hayes: FTX Saga Is Likely to Motivate the Rest of World to Further Stand Up to the West

SBF/FTX — aided and unwittingly abetted by the Western financial and media establishment — robbing the rest of the world (ROW) blind.

Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin Likely Already Hit the Lows of This Cycle During FTX Catastrophe

At some point in 2023, I expect the Fed will turn the printer bank on, and then boom shaka-laka — Bitcoin and all other risk assets will spike higher.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) Are Pure Evil, Here Are the Three Players in This Sad Tragedy

What really makes the CBDC future a potential hellscape is the fact that governments never stop at the most innocuous use case for a technology when pushing that technology to its limits might benefit them.

White Man Always Be in Charge – Little Games Barry Silbert Playing With DCG, Grayscale, and Genesis

Barry Silbert, the man atop this shaky DCG / Genesis / GBTC empire, shows how stereotypes hinder investors’ ability to properly manage risk.

Racially-Delineated Social Caste System in USA Powered SBF’s Rise and FTX’s Collapse

I thought Alameda’s team were good traders, but it turns out they were just another crypto-punting bull market shop.

Arthur Hayes:Buying Bitcoin ‘Will Quickly Vanish’ When CBDCs Launch

Looking to buy BTC to avoid the CBDC “horror story?” The best time was “yesterday,” the former BitMEX CEO said.

Former BitMEX CEO:FTX Was Not The Last High-Profile Exchange to Fail

FTX was not the first high-profile exchange to fail and it won’t be the last.