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Stories By Ann

Which One Is the Best for Ethereum Liquid Staking? Comparing LSD Yield and Opportunities

Lido has the best reputation and varied farming opportunities, Frax has the juiciest yield, and Rocketpool is the most decentralized.

How to Profit off a Bear Market Rally

Notice the sentiment, pay attention to the funding rates, hop on/off out of trades and be flexible. All the while, don’t forget to manage the risk.

$31 Trillion US Debt vs Crypto

Admittedly, crypto still has a long way to go to be the future of finance. But what the people have been doing right now is on the right track.

Why, Not Bitcoin: A Couple More Reasons

I found more reasons why, in my eyes, Bitcoin is such an unattractive asset.

Crypto Outlook in 2023: A Hint From Macro, and From Within the Industry

2023 will be a transitionary year. A turning point. The seed for the next bull market will be planted, but not in another year we will harvest the bounty.

My Concern About Polygon/ MATIC: Uncanny Similarities With FTX

Polygon is probably the worst chain among major L1s, It’s so weird seeing companies flock to work with Polygon. Why aren’t they aware that there are better opportunities out there?

How to Not Get Separated From Your Crypto Tokens Forcibly

The greatest trick a market crash employs on an investor’s mind is it constantly allures you to separate your assets.

Crypto Ideas Worth Exploring, Check What’s Dominating Crypto Discussion

The list is not necessarily an extensive explanation (I would need to write one full article for each), but merely a general introduction to the topic mentioned.

It’s 2022 and How Is Cardano Still Relevant?

Cardano is a joke. That’s it. That’s the number one rule for getting into crypto.

These New DeFi Protocols Are Freaking Impressive

Time for DeFi enthusiasts to get inspired by something new. Let's check who is still building these days.