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Andrew is a content writer with a passion for Bitcoin.

Stories By Andrew Throuvalas

JP Morgan Analyst Calls on Fed to Stop Hiking Interest Rates

The economy may tip into recession as the Fed raises interest rates past February, predicts the analyst.

ConsenSys Clears the Air on MetaMask Privacy Policy After Community Backlash

Here’s exactly what data ConsenSys is collecting from you when you use Infura and MetaMask.

SBF Says FTX US Should Be Solvent, Unsure Why Withdrawals Not Enabled

Sam Bankman-Fried maintains that FTX US is fine, despite filing for bankruptcy in November.

Sam Bankman-Fried: “I Never Tried To Commit Fraud”

The former billionaire defended himself from accusations of fraud, and claimed that FTX’s troubles stemmed from an accounting error.

BNB Chain NFT Support Added to OpenSea

The network’s collectibles will soon be available for listing and sale on OpenSea’s standard core marketplace.

Sam Bankman Fried Still Thinks FTT Was “More Legit” Than Most Tokens

Here’s what SBF had to say during a phone interview after filing FTX for bankruptcy.

Digital Currency Group Owes Genesis Trading Arm $575 Million by May

The parent company of Genesis owes the lender $575 million after raising money for share buybacks and investing.

Brian Armstrong:Why Coinbase Won’t End Up Like FTX

Coinbase’s CEO reiterated what makes his company’s business model less prone to bank-run style events.

SBF Breaks Silence, Confirms Binance Will Acquire FTX

Binance has agreed to rescue FTX amid its “significant liquidity crunch.”