Stories By Alchemy

The 8 Most Important Types of DAOs You Need to Know

From the largest decentralized exchange, UniSwap, to a DAO designed to raise $3 Million in support of the Ukrainian Army; there is no shortage of DAO use cases.

Web3 Development Report (Q4 2022): Ethereum Ecosystem and Beyond

Even in an industry known for its relentless pace of innovation and turn-on-a-dime market conditions, the last quarter of 2022 was wilder than anyone could have imagined.

A Developer’s Guide to Securing Ethereum Smart Contracts

We'll cover smart contract security best practices, fail-safe protections, and smart contract analysis tools for hardening smart contract security.

Hunting the Hunters: How to Find Airdrop Hunters

By searching the transfer history of all eligible addresses on Ethereum and Avalanche mainnet, we are able to trace shared on-chain activity to discover connected addresses.