Al Anany
CEO @ Albusi GmbH | Blockchain & Machine Learning-Focused | Zurich, Switzerland | Find me on UT and LI | www.albusi.com

Stories By Al Anany

I Analyzed the Pitch Deck FTX Used to Raise $1.8 Billion to Understand How He Scammed the World

Everyone’s talking about SBF scamming the world. But, as a business consultant, I am more interested in how he raised that much.

A Client Approached Me for a Metaverse-Related Pitch Deck — I Told Him to File a Patent

The world is unsure about the Metaverse, or its blue knight, Zuck. However, in the event that he works it out, a patent about a product that could actually be very useful in the Metaverse could be a golden ticket.

How I Helped a Blockchain Startup Get a Pre-seed Investment of $500K

I realized that sending emails, however personal it is, is not putting me in the best negotiation position. Hence, I turned to the Disneyland of the business world — Linkedin.

I’ve Transferred Funds Using Banks, PayPal, Revolut, and Wise — Nothing Compares to Crypto

I will not review every application. Yet, I’ll provide you with my one-line verdict on each.